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Bee Garden

Eco Terreno Wines & Vineyards is passionate about biodynamic farming and its regenerative approach to organic agriculture. The Bee Garden and Insectary play a vital role in the principles of biodynamic farming. With the prohibition of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides, our insectary supports productive pollination and provides a habitat for friendly, beneficial insects that provide the valuable service of managing harmful pests.  

The Bee Garden was inspired by our logo, which showcases our reverence for the bee as essential for a healthy environment. Though grapevines are self-pollinated, bees – particularly native bees, of which there are some 1,600 different species in California alone – are an agent of pollination for many native plants and cultivated crops. Existing in all shapes and sizes, these native insects are often displaced by agricultural activities, and sometimes harmed by common farming chemicals. We seek to reclaim a natural balance and educate visitors with our garden and surrounding landscape.