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Vineyard Farm

In 1980, Mark Lyon purchased our 149-acre vineyard located at the northern end of Alexander Valley near the town of Cloverdale and upper watershed of the Russian River.  Originally planted in early 1970 by Rodney Strong, our estate is famous for producing exceptional Bordeaux varietals and has some of the oldest producing Sauvignon Blanc & Cabernet Sauvignon vines in Sonoma County.

During the day, the Alexander Valley is one of the warmest areas in Sonoma County, however, at night it experiences a wide diurnal temperature shift which cools off our vineyards.  The region’s close proximity to the Russian River serves as a source for early morning fog that covers the farm until burned off by the late morning sun. The soil composition of the Alexander Valley is vast and diverse, and translates directly into the complex layers of our grapes.

Eco Terreno is a biodynamically farmed estate that has two parcels - Lyon Vineyard and Cisne Vineyard - as well as a bee garden and an extensive animal husbandry program.