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Farming Practices

We believe that in order to become successful grape growers and winemakers, we must first create a healthy native ecosystem for our vineyards. In fact, we are so passionate about being dedicated caretakers of the land that we named ourselves Eco Terreno, which translates in Spanish to “land ecology” and in Italian to “of the land."

Eco Terreno Wines & Vineyards successfully transitioned to a Demeter USA certification in 2017, making us the largest biodynamically farmed contiguous vineyard in Alexander Valley. Our commitment to building biodiversity into the landscape employs extensive practices that are necessary to becoming a strong regenerative grower of grapes.  As respectful and informed stewards of our resources, we recognize the benefits of cover crops, bee gardens, husbandry, and water usage. By actively supporting the native habitats and biodiversity in - and around - our vineyards, Eco Terreno wines are a true expression of their terroir.