Our Approach

A deep commitment and responsibility to the land is in our DNA

We staunchly believe that in order to become successful grape growers and winemakers, we must first create a healthy native ecosystem for our vineyards. In fact we’re so passionate about being dedicated caretakers of the land that we named ourselves Eco Terreno, which means “of the land” in Italian and “Land Ecology” in Spanish.

As we build biodiversity into our landscape we will be pursing biodynamic certification under Demeter USA. Throughout this transitioning process we have begun to change practices that are necessary to becoming strong regenerative growers. From exploring different cover crops to developing a strong understanding of water usage to planting a substantial bee garden, all of our work has directly translated into us becoming more informed stewards of our resources.

In developing the natural riparian areas on our property along the Russian River’s native wild habitats we are joining the cultivated and the non-cultivated lands together. We believe that by actively promoting biodiversity in our vineyards, we will explicitly produce grapes and wine that reflect the full expression of our terroir.

We were featured on the Food Network’s FoodQuest television program in November 2017.

Ultimately, we are committed to a holistic winegrowing approach: nurturing the soil, respecting the native ecosystems on our property, and constantly working to reduce our carbon footprint.