About Biodynamic Farming

Biodynamic farming is a regenerative approach to organic agriculture. Its goal is to create a self-sustaining, self-nourishing ecosystem. Nutrients in the forms of self-made compost, bio-char, compost teas, cover crops, etc., create biodiversity and more life in the soils. The biodynamic standard does not allow synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, or any form of GMOs. The result is better balanced vines and healthier soils producing even higher quality grapes and wines that vividly showcase Eco Terreno Vineyards and Alexander Valley terroir.

Biodynamic farming involves applying the principles of a living organism. In such a model fertility and sustenance arise out of recycling the organic material the system generates. Minimizing pest species is predicated on biological health and diversity. Water is efficiently self-sustained by collecting run-off during rainy winter months in a reservoir for use in the drier growing season.

The goal is to create a farm system that is minimally dependent on imported materials, and instead meets its needs from the biological dynamics of the farm itself. It is the biodiversity of the farm, structured so that the waste from one system of the farm becomes the nourishment for another, that results in the farm’s ability for self-renewal and sustainability.